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Innovation: Design or Technology?

We continue telling about our experts and lectures that you can attend on the Open Day this Sunday.

We have spoken with Dmitry Repin, SKOLKOVO Start-up Projects Director, about his lecture “Innovation: Design or Technology?”

- Please can you tell us what your speech on the Open Day will be about?
- The lecture deals with a process of generating innovations and new products and services which are focused on a customer, a so-called “human-centered design”. We’ll try to outline an approach to creation of innovations and give some practical tools that will be of use there.

- What kind of audience is the lecture meant for?
- We intended to make the lecture not specific, but accessible to anyone who knows little about economics and social processes.

- Who will be speaking together with you?
- We will conduct this master class with Alexei Nikolayev: he is a director of Intel academic programs in Russia and in charge of cooperation with institutions of higher education. He has a good understanding of Design Thinking, and we actively work with him on a joint project between SKOLKOVO and Intel - Innovation Design Lab. By the way, the methodology that we will describe at our master class is those key ideas which were established at Innovation Design Lab.

- Will the audience have an opportunity to speak to you after the lecture and ask questions?
- Yes, of course. I will be on the Campus all day long, so I will be pleased to talk to anyone who will visit the SKOLKOVO Open Day!

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