среда, 1 сентября 2010 г.

News from a waste of waters of the North Sea

We are here again to share some news with you coming from the Kruzenshtern barque, which is making a historical voyage with our students aboard – from Bremerhaven (Germany) to Klaipeda (Lithuania).

Dmitry Repin contacted us somewhere from a waste of waters of the North Sea to give details about their living aboard.

On Monday evening after dinner SKOLKOVO group met with Kruzenshtern Captain Mikhail Novikov and had a very long discussion about people, countries and everything else, the discussion lasted well into the night. Yesterday in the morning SKOLKOVO students participated in the helping in putting up the sails, pulling lines, working on winches, basically doing everything along with the crew and cadets to put the sails up.
Now sailing under sails at about 9-10 knots, the sea is still dark and rough. In the Tuesday afternoon they discussed survival at sea, working on Alain Bombard case, and later in the afternoon senior botsman showed us how the ship’s crew can fight for ship’s survival. Some of skolkovites trid out the professional survival suit.

Have you already felt the sense of salt sea? Watch the news!

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