понедельник, 13 сентября 2010 г.

SKOLKOVO School welcomed new students!

The School started a Full-TIme MBA programme for the second group of students late August. The second group includes 33 young and self-confident leaders, full of enthusiasm, who wish to study, learn new things and change the world around them! One third of them comes from all parts of the world - the USA, the UK, India, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Finland, Austria.

New students will live and study in a new hospitable building - SKOLKOVO Campus!

Here are slide-show and quotations of some students.

Christian Graggaber:
“After 6 years of work experience in both emerging and established countries Skolkovo gives me the possibility to get additional entrepreneurial and academic experience in emerging countries in an out of the box thinking environment. The diverse international mix of students from a variety of sectors gives me the opportunity to widen my knowledge pool by tapping into the diverse expertise of the other students”

Maria Fomina:
“I’ve been through many information sessions and presentations of MBA programs at top business schools in Europe and in Russia. After all I can say that there are no similar products on the market at the moment. From the first day of admission to the program we are involved in projects that set high expectations and require extreme discipline, but we have a fantastic academic team to support us. I’m proud to take this challenge along with talented and ambitious individuals who strive to change their lives and community. I’m happy to learn from the people who have already changed the world”

Elina Mannurova:
“Personal development and enrichment are of my focuses. SKOLKOVO teaches you how to play the piano, but it entirely depends on you whether you play well or not. Moreover, SKOLKOVO offers extremely unusual environment that contributes to active networking. There are no boring people. My classmates possess strong bright personalities and I expect to learn from them and to collaborate with some of them after graduation”

We wish good luck to newskolkovities on a difficult path of knowledge!

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