среда, 1 сентября 2010 г.

Kruzenshtern's update

Dmitry Repin continues sms transmission from aboard the "Kruzenshtern" barque! We're pleased to keep you updated!

"Today SKOLKVO team climbed masts. 1st and 2nd grot masts. Most people got to 2nd mast – about 30 meters above the deck. Also got to walk on the sailyard. Super exciting! It’s sunny and calm seas".

"Kruzenshtern is lying adrift near Skagen, northern tip of Denmark. We all just got to go on lifeboats around the ship. Now two SKOLKOVO teams are preparing to the race in lifeboats around the ship, A boys team and a girls team will race against Kruzenshtern cadets".

"Our boys team failed the first time, but then got some snacks and with renewed powers manager to row against wind and current and finished in 12 min 38 second the race around the 114.5 meter ship. The unlimate teamwork".

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