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Emerging Market Odyssey

The education offered at SKOLKOVO business school is oriented to studying emerging markets which imply both high potential and great risks. 2008 saw a beginning of world recession that had reversed world economy. The chief arena was occupied by developing countries. It is then that BRIC countries became an even more attractive area to do business. What role do they play in world economy indeed? Why have they attracted more and more attention? If you are interested in those issues, we suggest you listening to such experts as William Wilson and Meng Zhao.

Meng Zhao - Assistant Professor in Strategy and Organization Skolkovo and Research Fellow, Skolkovo Institute of Emerging Market Studies. Research: Emergence and Evolution of Organizational Fields, Social Entrepreneurship & Corporate Social Responsibility in Emerging Markets and others
Meng Zhao also researches Diffusion theory. Diffusion theory's main focus is on the flow of information within a social system, such as via mass media and word-of-mouth communications

William Wilson - Dr. Wilson is a macro and financial economist. He has over a decade experience researching and forecasting the economies of the emerging markets. He produced branded research on India’s economy. For instance, "The India Century", where he sets forth a well-grounded theory that by 2030 India will have left behind China and ranked third in world economy.

One can read their books and articles, listen to their speeches on TV. However no one will argue that it’d better to talk to them face to face. All the more so, on the SKOLKOVO Open Day Meng Zhao will hold a master class on a topic “Sustainable Growth in Emerging Markets. The Social Innovation Agenda”, with William Wilson’s topic being “Emerging Market Odyssey: Where From Here?”

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