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Innovation Design Lab

Late last week SKOLKOVO and Intel signed an agreement on creating a joint Innovation Design Laboratory. It is to be headed by Dmitry Repin, SKOLKOVO Start-up Projects Director, and Kamil Isaev, General Director for Research and Development at Intel Russia.

The key principles that underlie the work of the Design Lab will be Design thinking and Human-centered design.

At the final educational module Full-Time MBA students create their own start-up project, and now, being entrepreneurs, they’ll be able to rely on a serious technological platform and get an important experience accumulated by Intel Corporation.

The main subjects of the Innovation Design Partnership between Intel and SKOLKOVO are innovative products and services and successful start-ups.

In compliance with the above subjects the Innovation Design Lab will form mixed teams (entrepreneur + engineer + designer) that will be engaged in making creative technological start-ups. It is such combination of intellect, abilities and approaches that allows us to create a product in really high demand in the market and build effective business processes.
So which is more important to innovative economy – engineering or business education?
The combination of technologies and business approaches has always been one of the key factors to success. This is the aim of the cooperation between SKOLKOVO and Intel. Innovative economy requires new innovative approaches, and an effective combination of business and technologies takes a central position here.

For more information please visit ID Lab

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