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The information session of Moscow School of Management in Kiev

The information session that was held by the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO in Kiev on the 21st of May can be rightfully recognized as the session with the highest number of speakers and visitors. The infosession was visited by over one hundred guests, and we were happy to welcome all of you in spacious wide halls of InterContinental hotel. Most visitors had already known about SKOLKOVO due to availability and openness of information in various sources and came to hear about the School first hand and speak to SKOLKOVO representatives in person. It was nice to see your interested faces, yet unknown to us. We hope however that some time later you will become an integral part of SKOLKOVO School’s history.

The floor at the infosession was first taken by Dmitry Repin – who was generally cheered for talking with the audience in English. Dmitry told about basic principles that underlie the innovative School of Management SKOLKOVO. A key issue of his speech was an idea of Learning by doing. The other day students returned from China and India where they had guided corporate projects meeting the challenges at local companies. Before that the students had worked on projects in the Russian social and government sectors. Now they are to guide corporate projects in Russia and the USA as well as to create their own start-up project.

On the basis of the general target of the educational programme at SKOLKOVO, namely to train not managers but leaders, Dmitry Repin said that a more precise name for the course would be MEA, i.e. Master of Entrepreneurial Art, rather than MBA. What is more in it – wit or delicate statement of fact – is up to you to decide.

Dmitry Repin was followed by Andrey Sidorin, Deputy Director of Executive MBA SKOLKOVO programme. He covered Executive MBA area and distinctive features of education at the Moscow School of Management: the best international professors, personal coaching and a unique social circle.

However, the most interesting part of the infosession was undoubtedly comments on the School given by participants of the second intake of Executive MBA. The students of the School frequently visit infosessions and share their impressions of the educational process. However, at the infosession held in Kiev the exchange of views turned into a light friendly chat.

The participants of the programme – 15 students, i.e. about a half of the group – have arrived in Kiev by invitation of their classmate Natalya Berezovskaya (CEO and Managing partner of the managing company DVL Group, Kiev). An interesting round table meeting with the leading Ukrainian businessmen was specially held for their visit. The meeting covered issues of business conduct in Ukraine and Russia.

Speaking of an important feature of the School to create a unique social environment Denis Alexandrov (Investment company А1 Group) noted:
“I see each of my classmates as a personality, whom I find it interesting to communicate with. They are people whom I’m open to. They are people with whom I’m ready to do business. But it’s not only networking that is important, but also a common language that we learn at SKOLKOVO. We start speaking with one another in a different language. This is a formation of a new business culture”.

Anna Vasilenko (Investment group Renaissance Capital) confessed that the study at SKOLKOVO was the best investment in her life:
“Although I made a lot of other investments with a high profitability due to my professional activities, these investments in me are invaluable. The School gives a different view on everything, develops you both as a personality and as a leader”.

Natalya Berezovskaya, discussing her choice of a business school, said: “My interest was aroused by the fact that the beauty of the name of SKOLKOVO in 5 years will also depend on me”.

An excellent summary was given by another participant of Executive MBA:
“To do business, one is obliged to have a great inner energy. Ruben Vardanyan who launched SKOLKOVO had that energy. And all of us have realized that besides all other features of the School we have joined SKOLKOVO due to this energy that attracts people and gives all of us a portion of it. I invite all of you to join this energy. Believe me, it’s worth it!”

At the end of the event the visitors asked when the next information session will be held in Ukraine. Due to such interest in the School and a cordial welcome it's likely to come soon!

Thanks to every visitor of the information session! We are looking forward to greeting you in our hospitable Campus!

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