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SKOLKOVO infosession in a new format

A SKOLKOVO infosession was held last week in a new double format. As usual, visitors could listen to Wilfried Vanhonacker, Dean, speaking of the School. Moreover, all guests had an opportunity to have an informal chat with Full-Time MBA students over a cup of tea or coffee.

Those, who came here for the first time, listened to a presentation made by Wilfried Vanhonacker with interest and were able to find more information about the educational process first hand. Wilfried as usual created a friendly atmosphere, got acquainted with all the guests, made a lot of jokes and at the same time spoke seriously of key activities of the School.

Those, who had been to SKOLKOVO infosessions before, took pleasure in chatting with Full-Time MBA students and asking them various questions, primarily about their impressions from studying and changes in their life during the educational process. Young people have been studying since September, it’s already 8 months, so they have got a lot of impressions. The students tried to share that spirit of leadership that SKOLKOVO gives rise to as well as their emotions.

The infosession was visited by FT MBA students Julia Davis (USA), Sebastian Schauman (Finland), Dmitry Yurchenko (Belarus), Sultanbek Khunkaev (Russia). It is only last week that the students returned from China and India where they had participated in corporate projects for local companies. That was a great topic to discuss too.

Julia Davis:
“I like the idea to try something new. That’s why I chose to go to SKOLKOVO instead of school based in US – it’s more prospective. I can go to any number of schools in US, but there are people that are very similar to me, they have similar background, very similar educational and work experience. I don’t think I can learn so much from them. SKOLKOVO stands out in this sense. The experience, the knowledge that you get in SKOLKOVO are much more valuable and unique than in traditional MBA-programme. So I came to SKOLKOVO because I want to have the new experience”

Sebastian Schauman:
“I used to work for the big Nordic private equity company. Then I started think that it would be nice to go somewhere abroad. Many of my friends went abroad from London to New York. But I started thinking about BRIC countries. And I decided to go to Russia to take the great opportunity. But it’s not the easy way to start applying for a job in Russia. And then I found out about SKOLKOVO and I think that could be the soft way to start working here in Russia. I have master degree in law and master degree in economics so for me there wasn’t a decision if I go to another MBA-programme or to go to SKOLKOVO. And I have the special experience how Russians make business, how they interact with the Government and stuff like that. We’ve just come back from China, but my focus is still on Russia”

A friendly talk between students and guests at the infosession appeared to be a very interesting and sought-after format; therefore it will be carried on! You can check for any updates in the schedule of infosessions at http://www.skolkovo.ru/content/view/375/423/lang,en/

Another SKOLKOVO infosession is held in June in Toronto! Welcome!

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