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Making strategic decisions

All of us have to make decisions – prompt and non-urgent, far-reaching and not so much. However, decisions made by directors are always noted for high responsibility both to the entire company and to its clients, employees, founders.

Therefore it’s highly important for a director to be capable of making prompt strategic decisions under any circumstances, and that skill will be daily in great demand and enhance a success of the talented manager. Meanwhile it should be noted that a decision-making process is more intuitive for some people and purely analytical for other people.

To help you balance these two approaches and learn to make effective decisions on any level is an objective of an open programme Executive Education aimed at making strategic decisions conducted by Zeger Degraeve, a Professor from London Business School.

The programme is aimed at practical study of methods and models that help to arrange a systematic process of making important business decisions in the company. The programme will cover a complete set of essential instruments for prompt decision making. At the same time procedures of performance evaluation of the decisions made will be developed.

The programme will take place on June 15-16. For more details please visit SKOLKOVO web site

You can find more information about Professor Zeger Degraeve from a short video:

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