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New training course

You have already read about a trip on the Kruzenshtern sail boat scheduled for SKOLKOVO students for the end of this summer. 

To find out more about such an uncommon undertaking, we’ve spoken to a man who knows about sailing and has been on such trips a few times – Dmitry Repin

- Please can you tell us, why such an uncommon way of opening the programme for new Executive MBA participants has been chosen?
- We had a unique opportunity to gather first Executive MBA graduates and those who would start education in September.
For those who finished an EMBA course this is a good opportunity to be aboard Kruzenshtern, share their educational experience, analyze their personal achievements, as well as give new-comers a right message and inspire them for the entire educational process.
This programme is aimed at understanding a notion of “success” not in a monetary sense, but in a broader sense of the word: what you can call an achievement, what you can call a trial. And the way it overlaps a striving for your goals, both personal and business.

- What is a primary message of the programme?
- A sailing trip is a serious physical challenge that requires both moral and physical efforts. The participants of the programme will be fully occupied in activities on the boat: mast rising, working with sails and other various exercises that cadets do. In fact, they will have the same experience that the first discoverers of countries and explorers of new lands had. On the one hand, it places a man in an uncommon position. On the other hand, it’s an opportunity to see other people and work in a team. All those things should be interpreted in a business context: everyone manages his company or a small subdivision. In addition to understanding oneself it’s also necessary to understand objective processes – sea practices that have been polished for centuries and how it conforms with HR management and risk management. This is an important aspect of the programme.
- It is no secret that you know about yachts. Have you been aboard the Kruznshtern? What can you mark?
- Yes, I have. I have been aboard it lately, by the way. It is a combination of authentic and modern techniques that impresses. It was built in 1926 and a part of its equipment such as winches for a yard (a main sail holder) has remained the same since 1926. Ropes are replaced, something is restored, but still some equipment has remained since 1926. A lot of things can be done by hand. On the other hand, there is quite modern equipment in the cabin, and when the Kruzenshtern participates in big regattas, headquarters are often located on the Kruzenshtern.

- Do you have any interesting pictures from the Kruzenshtern? Can we have a look at them?
- Of course!

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