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Trip on the «Kruzenshtern» barque – students’ opinion

The trip aboard “Kruzenstern” is approaching rapidly – it is to be held in 23 days! We decided to get to know students’ expectations of this trip.
Vartan Dilanyan, EMBA first intake student
"Once my friends and me were yachting in the islands of the Adriatic sea – this was a truly impressive trip. It freshens up very well and helps to blow the cobwebs away so it is really worth it. This is the reason why I am so glad that the school gave us such an opportunity. Moreover, the trip on the “Krusenstern” is much more interesting in this aspect: after all the months of studying in SKOLKOVO we are starting it as a true team, the team of close friends. Considering it from the standpoint of teambuilding outside school and learning process, this trip is a wonderful idea. Besides, it is fascinating to look at the different world and learn to manage something new".

Evgeny Larionov, EMBA third intake student
"I have not had any doubts to start this trip – this is a true adventure, new experience and, of course, extreme, and I am the one who loves extreme events. And, beyond any question, the people were the motivator to go. To my mind this is a wonderful idea to invite the first course, students who are about to graduate and us, the third course of the new guys. We will spend several days on board the bark and this is very effective for the team building.
The mood is perfect, we are ready for the adventures and unforeseen situations!"

Olga Pestova, EMBA third intake student
"Speaking about the motivators to go, I would say that is was an entire motivation cocktail! It is an Adventure. It is the participants – the team of yet unknown but like-minded adventurers. It is the “Krusenstern” – wealth of history and open sea. And it is SKOLKOVO – the beginning of a new trip! I am overwhelmed with the feeling of joyful anticipation! I am sure that the reality will surpass any of the expectations. The principal intrigue is what will be recalled after the trip and what tales will appear!"

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