вторник, 10 августа 2010 г.

ARCHpromenad in SKOLKOVO – more than 70 architects have come despite such heat!

August 3, SKOLKOVO Campus opened its doors for the Moscow Architectural Club (MAC), a platform for professional communication well-known among architects. About once a month the MAC inspects new architectural objects and this time it was decided to see over SKOLKOVO Campus.

The fervor heat up all around but despite that over 70 architects gained destination and acquainted with our new home enthusiastically.

The ARCHpromenad, a tour about the Campus was guided by Emil Pirumov (on foto), Managing Director of SKOLKOVO Business School and “master of the house” and Andrey Tcheltsov (“A-B Studio” architect bureau). After the promenade Andrey Tcheltsov also made a small presentation, spoke about how the project SKOLKOVO transformed over time, how the work between the “A-B Studio” and Adjaye/Associates was going, and he replied to questions from the architects as well.

Andrey Tcheltsov’s speech opened the main programme of MAC, with the principal topic called “Us to the world” – meaning the understanding of own and foreign experience. What architects can take from the world and what are they able to give it? Who to build with and what to build here and now?

Discussing the multicultural educational environment of SKOLKOVO and the project of the building by David Adjaye called up by the dynamic suprematic works of Russian artists, many architects confessed that campus was a “phenomenon of another world” and gave a great feeling of freedom. They remarked that the interior was freed up from redundant details, and emphasized the modesty of architectural solutions, which allowed to achieve clearness and omnitude in space and to integrate the Campus into the splendid natural landscape.

It was truly interesting to hear so many different opinions about the building. One of the views was especially remarkable: such a building could be projected by a man who was not taught to be an architect or a professional who is free from stereotypes.

Of course, criticism also could not be dispensed with! Looking at the interior finish of the building some experts expressed the opinion that the materials were not quite usable and could be soon damaged by students’ “vandalism” :)

However, to our delight and pride, there was more admiration than critics. Besides, opposing the SKOLKOVO project to many contemporary buildings executed in Moscow luxury style, architects concluded “It is made to study, not to enjoy the luxury”.

“Study” – this is what we are intended to do: the Campus will open its doors for students already in September!

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