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Innovation Design Lab news: Tech Lecture Series

In early October 2010 SKOLKOVO FT-MBA students will start working fulltime on their start-up projects. Many of the students want to launch technology start-ups. To support this, "SKOLKOVO Technology Circle" was created as part of the Innovation Design Lab. This is an informal group of technology companies, research groups and individuals who understand the challenges of high-tech businesses and bring their technology expertise, specific technologies into SKOLKOVO start-ups.

Intel Corporation has become the first member of SKOLKOVO Technology Circle. At the first event of the Tech Lecture Series – lectures organized specifically for students, Nikolay Suyetin, Intel top specialist, has told students about the principles of semiconductor industry operation and described its development trends. Recently, students have met with Martyn Nunuparov, a "serial" inventor of high-efficiency piezo-convertors and other electronic technologies, who invited students to be partners in implementation of start-ups based on his technologies.
The lecture was told about in more detail by Dmitry Yurchenko, Full-Time MBA student:

“The first guest-speaker was Nikolay Suyetin, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, new Russia and CIS programmes development manager. He told us about his many-years’ experience in innovation and Russian specificity. This specificity takes place and unfortunately has negative character. For instance, there was the idea to import and locate health remote tracking systems that are of high importance, for example, for diabetics and senior people, being also helpful for healthy people to control their health. The idea came to its end at the stage of obtaining a licence in the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of Russia, because of corruption – they wanted money, and Intel does not play this game.

The particular topic was devoted to interaction with our scientists. Earlier scientists invented something and after that thought about its exploitation, now everyone realizes that it is more effective to come to a scientist with a precise task and pay for the achievement of the needed result rather than commit funds for the support of restless brain fantasies.

In the framework of Tech Lecture Series Martyn Nunuparov also impressed the audience, with his numerous inventions such as the world most efficient piezo-element and gadgets on its basis – he has lots of them! Martyn is not an ordinary scientist: while promoting his inventions he obtained skills of a businessman, lawyer, salesman. His inventions are very useful and interesting. I have even organized a meeting with Martyn and my business partner for more detailed discussion of possible cooperation…”

Next week we’ll publish the interview with Kamil Isaev, General Director on Research and Development of Intel Corporation in Russia. Lately he visited China where he talked to his colleagues on the cooperation of Intel and SKOLKOVO, and had a meeting with Sam Park, President of SKOLKOVO Institute for Emerging Market Studies (SIEMS). Read about it in a week!

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