понедельник, 16 августа 2010 г.

The barque is to depart in just 13 days!

Suspense keeps on growing. Packing is in full swing! Make sure to take a cap or a wholly hat as the Captain of the barque advised. Be prepared for a strict order of day, a menu with no dainties, for unusual conditions of living in ten- and twenty- man bunkrooms! Also for the fact that cell phones will be on line only in shore! There will be no time for usual cell phone chats and business correspondence in Blackberry though: SKOLKOVO students are to learn laws and rules of navigation, operation of hull systems, details of spreading and dousing sails and many other things.

Who will be a chief of the bunkroom, and how will the students act under extreme conditions of living under sails? You can find the answers in our news!

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