четверг, 29 июля 2010 г.

Adventure to start in one month

It is one month before EMBA students learn what Davis's drive and a mooring bollard are, learn to distinguish a middle jib stay from a fore-topgallant-topmast-stay and know what hard to starboard and hard to port actually mean, try to manage a wheel and orient by a boat compass and finally turn into sea dogs!

Have you seized what we are talking about? In one month sharp Executive MBA alumni and a new group of SKOLKOVO EMBA students will go on one of the most unusual trips – a sea voyage aboard a legendary sailboat Kruzenshtern!

We’ve already covered this event in the blog, and spoke with Dmitry Repin about details of the trip.

From August 29 - till September 5, 2010 SKOLKOVO students together with the crew will sail from Bremerhaven (Germany), where Kruzenshtern was first launched in 1926, to Klaipeda (Lithuania). After the journey all SKOLKOVO trainees will be proud to have a title of the trainee of a training sailing vessel "Kruzenshtern".
Historically explorers and merchants, who led sails of their caravels and frigates to new lands and opportunities, were the most courageous entrepreneurs. A sail vessel is a good example of well-coordinated work for one and the same goal within the bounds of limited resources and under difficult conditions!
We will keep an eye on the preparation for the sailing and give a detailed description of the voyage in detail.

Be ready to take a new course in your life!

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