четверг, 15 июля 2010 г.

SKOLKOVO GO Inside - the journal for our friends!

All top business schools are known to issue corporate newspapers and journals as a rule, because it is an excellent method to provide a feedback to current and potential students. Now the SKOLKOVO business school is also glad to present you a pilot issue of SKOLKOVO GO Inside, a journal for our friends!

On the pages of the first issue you will find a lot of information about the past events at SKOLKOVO, about projects of our students, about lecturers as well as researches and trends related to the developing markets. We tried to show the school on various sides - on the side of those who study, teach and work - and told about a new home of SKOLKOVO - a marvelous Campus where we have recently moved to.

And finally here is the most important thing! Since you are our first readers, it depends on you what the next issue will be like! The journal format will undergo some changes, so we are looking forward to your feedbacks and wishes. We wish you a nice reading!

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