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SKOLKOVO Entrepreneurs’ Club meeting: “Strategy is a dream confined by a deadline”

On November, 30, the fifth, and the final one this year, SKOLKOVO Entrepreneurs’ Club meeting took place (read about the previous one here). We are glad that every time our Club gathers a large friendly company united by common interests and strivings. We’d like to thank all our guests and speakers for a wonderful evening!

This time two visiting experts performed at the meeting, they are Alexey Komissarov and Alexey Kapterev.

Alexey Komissarov, head of the Department of science, industrial policy and enterprise of Moscow, shared his own experience of creating of a technological business from the ground up, told the guests about mistakes and challenges he had to face on his way from the first laboratory in a small room with secondhand equipment to a large company with revenue more than $50 million that has made a technological breakthrough.

“Strategy is a dream confined by a deadline”

Mikhail Golubev, student of the SKOLKOVO business-school, presented his TV social-educational project “Reality Academy”. The project idea is a reality-show: 10 guys and 5 girls would spend a half of a year on the 38 floor of the “Federation” sky-scraper where they would elaborate their business-ideas and study special disciplines. The winner would get the full financing of his or her project, the second and third place winners would be offered a position in a large company and a place in the world best universities. The project highlight is a unique educational programme prepared for participants. You can participate in the project having filled in the form here!

The next to reveal his secrets was Alexey Kapterev. Alexey started his performance with practical advice: “A successful presentation begins with details, set up the laptop so you can see it and always use a special remote!” What is the secret of excellent presentations and what is a successful performance based on? Have a look at the “Presentation Secret” presentation here

«The best presentation is a conversation. Having got no question you wouldn’t be able to give an answer»

After the experts’ presentations the SKOLKOVO MBA student team made brief pitches about their projects.

The project MicroLine is a system of microcrediting for individuals without any need of personal presence. The system automatically gathers and takes into account the “social” capital of a person, for instance, his commitment online. 

eGALLERY (virtual gallery) is an online platform for selling unique but affordable items of the wall decoration. With the help of this service it would be possible to rent a painting, to consult with a specialist or personally sum up how the painting would suit your interior by just uploading a picture of your room.

NOT JUST A PROJECT is a non-commercial project, and within it “Not just products” will be elaborated, the profit from sales will go for social programmes. The project solves two major problems that non-commercial projects face – fund-raising and people engagement. For example, the project plans to sell “Not just water” in ecological packing, and the income will go for benefaction.

The SKOLKOVO Entrepreneurs’ Club meeting finished with a prize draw among the guests, informal conversations, net-working and a Campus tour. Thank you for participation, it was a wonderful evening! We’d like to remind that the E-Club meetings are open; we invite everybody who is interested in business and experts’ opinion concerning enterprise, would like to spend time with like-minded people, discuss important issues and make new acquaintances. We are waiting for all of you on the Club’s next meeting in the new year! Follow up!

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