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Investors Day at SKOLKOVO

The final and the most serious module of the SKOLKOVO MBA programme is the drafting of individual start-up projects by students. The theoretical basis given during the first four months as well as projects in the corporate, state and social spheres were only a kind of preparation and training for the major individual work – creation of their own business.

Within two autumn months the students had to mobilize all their crafts, skills and knowledge and to present a made-up project by December. Entrepreneurial grasp, sconce, new bonds and experience – all these are brought in action with full force in order to present an actual, competitive, demanded and important for the society project.

Lawrence Wright, SKOLKOVO Start-up Project Director, manages this complicated stage of the studying and helps the students. Understanding the significance of creation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, where new ideas and projects would be born, brought up and formed, this year Lawrence Wright has established the SKOLKOVO Entrepreneurs’ Club, an open community that now spreads beyond the School as well. Perhaps you’ve already attended one of the Club’s meetings, haven’t you? In November the final event of this year took place, but starting from the next year the Club will go on with its meetings on the hospitable SKOLKOVO Campus. Follow up the news and join us!

The key event of the start-up module is the Investor Day when teams present their projects directly in front of those who may be interested. On December, 2, representatives of large investment funds and private investors gathered n the Campus in order to express their expert opinion concerning each of them and to name the winners. Among investors were Gor Nakhapetyan and Andrei Vakulenko (Troika Dialog), Phillipe Delpal (Orient Express Bank), Alexey Belyakov (i2BF), Denis Alexandrov (SKOLKOVO Executive MBA graduate, Investment company A1), etc.

The SKOLKOVO MBA second intake comprises 32 students who have presented 11 projects to the audience. Let us briefly describe each of them:

1) MicroLine
It is a system of online micro-loans for individuals without the need for physical contact with clients. “Social” capital of the person (internet activity) is considered.

2) Driveway
The project offers a new approach for insurance companies to asses drivers’ qualification using smartphones.

3) Recycling project
It is a way to produce alternative energy through innovative waste recycling system (patented technology).

4) Ideas School of Art Shanghai
It will be the first international art school in China specializing in the Art Foundation degree for future applications for top universities around the world.

5) flinc@Russia
It is a smartphone application that makes dynamic ridesharing possible (search for drivers/passengers). Flinc was developed and successfully introduced in Germany, now it is launched in Russia.

6) EcoSource
It is elaboration and launching of autonomous lanterns with solar panel, wind trap, LED lamp and Li-Ion battery.

7) Sport & Social Club
Project is a combination of sport games and communication. Creating a united community and providing high quality sports leagues, tournaments and social events.

8) Digital Imaging Crystals
It is commercialization of a new technology for crystals production. The technology is called the Axial Heating Process, it is clean and ecologically friendly and allows growing crystals of big size and high quality.

It is an online retail platform for affordable unique wall decorations

10) jetDacha
It is a low-cost housing project that is based on advanced construction technology license and unique funding model in cooperation with a bank.

It is a nonprofit social project of developing brand of “Ne Prosto” (“not just”) products - products with purpose. The profit gained from the sale will be used to fund social programmes.

Pilot project is the mineral “Ne Prosto” (“not just”) water in a paper package. By switching to “Ne Prosto” (“not just”) products you can add “Changing the world“to your daily routine.

In the end of the presentation three winners were identified:
1 place – MicroLine (Grant Alaverdyan, Levan Nazarov, Georgy Belotserkovsky)
2 place – Recycling project ( Elina Mannurova, Mark Zotkin)
3 place – Driveway (Vyacheslav Golubev).

What’s next? In the end of December the SKOLKOVO MBA second intake graduates from the School; however the work on projects just begins, ahead of them are: complicated and exciting path of their implementation, first steps of the business development, appearance on the market, lots of mistakes and victories.

We’d like to wish the SKOLKOVO students great success and conquering of new tops!

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