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The student life on the Executive MBA programme is not limited with only educational modules. In the course of studying students gather in groups of interest, create their own clubs and go on different trips.

We have already told you about the rally from Moscow to Vladivostok and the round tables dedicated to various infrastructures, about the trip to Hong Kong aimed at assessment of business opportunities in Asia, etc.

Today we would like to tell you about the first foreign trip of the SKOLKOVO EMBA fifth group that started their studying in November 2011.

Taking the advantage of a break between modules, the students set off to the sunny Alma-Ata. The destination wasn’t chosen by guess – there four representatives of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the group. Yerlan Balgarin, Dastan Abdulgafarov, Yerbol Ismailov and Baurzhan Baymukhanov initiated the so called Alma-Ata module that took place over 8-11 December, 2011.

The EMBA-5 group was represented by 10 students: Konstantin Mashansky, Pavel Zubkov, Grigory Golubnichy, Alexander Zaytsev, Vasily Kuztetsov, Andreas Savvidis, Andrey Shein, Oleg Dyatkevich, Nikolay Lebedovsky, and Andrey Tokarev.

The skolkovites were interested in lots of questions, for instance, how the business in Kazakhstan is organized, or how the interaction process between the business and the state is established. Answers to these and other questions were to be found by the EMBA-5 students in the course of a fascinating and informative trip.

Within the programme on December, 10 the group met with Oraz Dzhandosov, well-known politician, adviser to the board of the National economic chamber of Kazakhstan, Union “Atameken”. Various aspects of public, political and economic life of Kazakhstan were discussed.

Next day the group took part in a video-conference with Kayrat Kelimbetov, Minister of economic development and trade of Kazakhstan, who was present in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. The core topic of the meeting was the influence of the integration processes (creation of the Custom Union and the United Economic Space) on the Kazakhstan’s economy.

In the course of the meeting the students found out about major events and measures adopted by the government of Kazakhstan during the crisis of the year 2008 in order to maintain the economy and citizens of Kazakhstan, about the process of integration of economies of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus and about current issues and plans of the Kazakhstan economic development.

Minister Kelimbetov kindly answered the skolkovites’ questions, and the students, in turn, invited the Minister to visit the school and perform in front of the programmes’ participants as a speaker.
Surely, the programme also included a wide cultural component: visits to the skiing resort Shymbulak and the peculiar Saci baths, acquaintance with the Kazakhstan jazz singers and entertainment program me.

«Life is full of opportunities; try to be open and to sit on one place. That’s why I didn’t hesitate for a minute and was among the first ones who entered for the trip to Alma-Ata. I was interested in everything: what is in the air and how people live, geopolitical situation, volumes and perspectives of the economy, the market position concerning my specialization. Even the Kazakhs’ attitude to sport was interesting, to tennis, in particular. Thanks to the organizers of the trip; we have met interesting people, got primary answers to our questions and fully enjoyed the Kazakh hospitality. Besides, we have played tennis as well!», - shares his impressions Konstantin Mashansky.


Oraz Dzhandosov was appointed adviser to the board of the National economic chamber, Union “Atameken”.

As far as it is known, O. Dzhandosov graduated from the economic department of the Moscow State University of Lomonosov specializing in economy and cybernetics and after that graduated from the MSU post graduate course. Mr. Dzhandosov has a great working experience in various financial structures, national companies and state bodies of Kazakhstan.

Some time ago he was the head of the National bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was on the position of First-deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan – chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan of investments, after that the position of the Minister of finance – Deputy prime Minister. In 1999 he headed KEGOC, JSC and after that was once again appointed the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2001 he took the position of the chairman of the Counsel “Association of financiers of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, and in the beginning of 2003 he was appointed presidential aide on economic and financial issues. He worked as chairman of the Agency of natural monopolies regulation and completion defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Today Mr. Dzhandosov is the chairman of the Advisory board of “association of economists of Kazakhstan” and the director of the Centre of economic analysis “Rakurs”.

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