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Overview of SKOLKOVO students' project work on the reconstruction of Federal Highway

The next public project conducted by our MBA students that we would like to tell you about is the Project on the Reconstruction of M-3 “Ukraine” Federal Highway. Six students were involved in the project: Alexey Nazarov (team leader), Elena Zotkina, Viacheslav Golubev, Grant Alaverdian, Igor Korotkiy, and Alexander Kosenko. They had to treat one of the two Russian disasters and not to become the second – as they are joking themselves. (Russian novelist Nikolai Gogol once said his country has two problems: roads and fools.)

The project has two clients: Igor Levitin, Russia Transport Minister, and State company “Russian Roads”. The goal of the project was to offer some recommendations on the M3 highway reconstruction scenarios taking into consideration the engineering specification, possible saving of the state funds, and basing on the world’s best practice and Russian reality.

The work was split into several steps. First of all, the team had to evaluate the track quality as it is now and study the intensity of freight and car traffic in order to figure out how many lanes are needed at different road shares. The traffic intensity analysis was carried out till 2014, and basing on this the students proposed to build the 6 lane road (with a possibility to enlarge it to 8 lanes) up to the 172 km and then to narrow it down first to 4 and than to 2 lanes. All possible issues regarding the traffic safety were considered for that.

The second stage was devoted to the scenario analysis and attractivity for investments, as well as communication with potential investors. The proposed business model counts on half of the funds to be invested by the “Russian Roads” and half – to come from third parties and bank loans. The students plan to attract international investors as well, so they worked much on making this story known abroad. For instance, they have stressed the need for the active work of the Russian-Ukrainian committee created for cooperation in the filed of roads construction and development.

Besides, the project team has also studied the latest trends and technologies in the world’s road construction and their possible effective use in Russia – starting from the contents of emulsified asphalt mixtures and ending up with understanding the process of preparing the road lanes and managing the roadside infrastructure.

The project has already been successfully presented to Igor Levitin and now the costs will be discussed with the representatives of the Russia Transport Ministy’s Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor).

“The goal of this project was not only to develop a vision of the M3 highway reconstruction applying the scheme of state-private partnership but also to bring in some fresh ideas into the road construction principles in Russian overall. And despite the tough timing and resources the project team has successfully fullfiled all of that. Their recommendations and ideas will be taken into considwration when formulating the Russian roads construction policy.”  – Igor Levitin says on the srudents’ work results.

“We are very happy with our work results. - SKOLKOVO student Grant Alaverdian speaks. – In those two motnths we were so deeply involved in the problem and have learned a lot in the sphere. Motably we all were interested in the project not only for the results received but also for the education terms – we have gained some priceless practical experience!”

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