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Law Project: Overview of the SKOLKOVO Students’ Project on Introducing Changes to the 94th Federal Law

Our fair readers, with this publication we finish the series of the overviews of SKOLKOVO students’ public projects. Today we are telling you about their sixth project - on introducing changes to the 94th federal law “On Placement of Orders to Supply Goods, Carry out Works and Render Services for Meeting State and Municipal Needs.”

Last year the students from the fist MBA intake had already worked on introducing changes to this law and the they managed to prepare the detailed analysis of the law text and present their expert opinion on possible ways how it can be improved. This was only the beginning of the work, so second MBA intake continued the project that had been started by their predecessors.

The project team was formed of six students: Mark Zotkin (team leader), Irina Ambartsumyan, Arevik Sahakyan, Fedor Sarokvasha, Boris Agababov, and Robert Bowen.

The major result of last year’s work was proposing the resommendations on changing the value ratio of the price factor and the quality factor. Basing on this work the current students were to develop the criteria for quality measurement. However while analysing the situation the team came to the decision of broadening the range of issues being solved: in particular, to develop the pre-qualification requirements for the tender participants. The paricular sphere in which the team worked is order placement for the intellectual services.

Considering the complexity and specifics of the problem, the students actively engaged the experts of various fields, studied the other countries’ experience, held discussions and round tables on the issue.

The team was successful in achieving the goals set and earned the positive feedback from the client, the Competition Cultivation Department of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, and their representative, Ms. Anna Katamadze. Ms. Katamadze particularly emphasized the students’ professionalism with the complexity of the challenge. “The students made a terrific job. The 94th Federal Law seems extremely comlicated as it is, and any amendment needs to be worked out very seriously, every word is worth its weight in gold. I’m quite positive in saying that the document prepared by your students is one of the most professionally executed in Russia. I wish all the luck to the team!” she said.

The project manager, Ms. Ekaterina Lezina, General Director of the Center for Tendering in Construction, said: “At short time the students managed to perform the detailed study of the legislative and economic basis of the complicated system of order placemnt in the Russian Federation, to understand its core and educe the problems and shortages. And the fact that neither of them had specialized education didn’t intercept them.”

As for the students, for them this work became an extremely important experience which gave them the opportunity to practically understand the business and state intercation patterns.

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