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Overview of SKOLKOVO students' project work in Cherepovets

Continuing to cover to our MBA students’ project work in public and social spheres we are now presenting the project of creating the Thematic park for Cherepovets.

Cherepovets: the first date

With their suitcases not being unpacked after Christmas holidays the SKOLKOVO students’ regional teams were already on their way to the clients. Being situated in the Vologda region Cherepovets city is the most northerly point on the project map this year.

It’s curious that the more times our students visit this city (last year the Investment agency project was launched here) the more merciful its cold northern heart becomes to them: last year the frost degree here was around -40 C, and now the thermometer stem was at only -15! The students were lucky enough, as they were to walk many kilometers all around the region exploring the opportunities to develop an exhaustive reclamation of the Galsky Barton museum complex (the 19th century monument of architecture) as well as its vision as a tourist object with worldwide potential.

The Magnificent Six (Oleg Pegushin, Maria Fomina, Andery Agafonov, Stanislav Bessmertniy, Alexander Parfilov, and Manuel Ponce) works under the personal counceling by Sergey Riabokobylko – CEO and Partner, Cushman & Wakefield/Stiles & Riabokobylko Company, specialzsing in corporate consulting in real estate. Furthermore, in order to receive additional consulting and study the best practices for the project’s particular parts the group has already met with such reputable expert companies as Deloitte, Vegas Lex, CMS, Swiss Appraisal, Vnesheconombank, and the representatives from the Ministry of Economic Development.

The role of the leader and official head of the team went to Oleg Pegushin who possesses excellent organiztional skills and has great experience of project work in various Russian regions and CIS countries. As for the rest but equally important roles in the team, they were destributed in the following order: “Andrey deals with the financial analysis, Stanislav works on the aspects of the project’s commercial prospects as a result of the tourist flows’ optimization, Alexander covers the legal issues, and Manuel brings in the international experience based expertise. Our team is perfectly harmonized in terms of the functions as well as personal qualities – we have energy and creativity balanced by academicism and inclination for analysis,” – Maria Fomina speaks.

Answering our question on their trip results Oleg Pegushin said: “The tour over the project site was a very important part of our work. Our aim was to submerge ourselves into the reality of the task we faced and thus to try to understand the motives of different stakeholders of this project. As a result we received huge ammount of information that is necessary to take into account in our analysis. Besides, I see the confirmation of the project’s work statement at the City Mayor’s level as one of the most important steps – now when the route is set we can clearly see which way we’re going to take.”

It’s worth noting that SKOLKOVO was invited to Cherepovets mostly as strategists. Actually the project goal is not so much in the understanding of the development project details of some new premises construction on the territories of the Galsky Barton, but rather in analysis and recommendations on the balanced vision of the development of this part of the city as a new eco-cultural claster. And this implies to cover the historic, cultural, touristic and commercial aspects of the urban planning with an emphasis on the territory’s sustainable development.

The project results will be soon reported in the summary brouchure containing information on all the projects having been realized during the MBA Public Module

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