понедельник, 16 июля 2012 г.

SKOLKOVO Startup Academy students’ first impressions

The SKOLKOVO Startup Academy students’ agenda is so busy that only at weekend they have found time to share their impressions with us! It is the first week in the Silicon Valley, but a lot of things have happened within those 7 days! Actually, it is impossible to name everything, which is why we suggest you follow the SKOLKOVO Startup Academy in Twitter where you can find live broadcasting from the lectures our students attend.
So, let us introduce Ekaterina Runova, SKOLKOVO Startup Academy first intake student, who has shared with us her impressions concerning the module in the Silicon Valley.

I am full of impressions! Every day so much is going on, and concentration of events is so high that it is difficult to assess each of them separately. The visit to Microsoft has been really outstanding, I’ve liked San-Francisco a lot and I have had the feeling of being a part of the classical university atmosphere after visiting Berkley. The Campus of Stanford has impressed me a lot, and, surely, the view from the tower. We communicate and network nearly all the time, but I’ve already got used to it. That’s how we live!

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