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SKOLKOVO open lecture: Stephen Carver

On June 23rd the open lecture “Brilliant Project Management: Fast Track to Success – Adapt or Die” by Stephen Carver, visiting professor at SKOLKOVO, professional in the project management sphere, took place at the SKOLKOVO business school.

Stephen Carver has spent the major part of his working activity in the real business environment and is still successfully running his own enterprise managing his consulting company that provide services in the project management area. Stephen sticks to the rule, “If you have never done it yourself, you must not teach anybody”.

As all participants think that lecture has been one of the most outstanding, it won a round of standing applause! Probably, the audience has highly appreciated Stephen’s performance as he cleverly mixed theory with real examples and sparkling jokes. The audience has perceived Stephen Carver’s analogy as he compared airplane control and project management with great interest as well. From Stephen Carver’s point of view, a project manager as a pilot brings his team or a whole company from point A to point B. You can find all the details regarding that theory in the book by Stephen Carver that will see the light in the beginning of 2013.
The audience was impressed with a visual experiment that Stephen applied to illustrate the “idea acceptance” process. Unfortunately, we do not have a video release of that open lecture that is why we suggest you watch a video release of a similar Stephen Carver’s performance at Skoll World Forum 2011:

And, surely, we have prepared the brightest quotations from Stephen Carver’s performance: « Good managers are very well aware of the political and economic situation» «The main reason why projects fail is bad communication» «Under the pressure people don’t behave logically» « If you consider people to be idiots and treat them like idiots, they will become idiots»  «I like methodologies, but most of the time, they don’t work. They are not a solution» «Software can’t manage projects, it’s only a tool» «68% of projects fail! Because most people don’t manage changes!» «Strategy is involving changes. And changes will stay with us» «Adapt or die it’s a landing that counts» - Stephen Carver’s closing phrase that he illustrated with the following video:

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