вторник, 29 мая 2012 г.

Report on SKOLKOVO Women Association and EWMD meeting

Recently a meeting of the SKOLKOVO Women Association and the European Women’s Management Development International Network has taken place at the SKOLKOVO business-school. It was dedicated to new opportunities for women in the modern world.

The event comprised three parts. In the beginning participants got acquainted with the activity of both organizations, and then Maria Mordvinova, leader of the SKOLKOVO Women Association, SKOLKOVO EMBA-3 graduate, told about how studying at the school had influenced her life and why the Women Association had been created.

It is easier for women to make a successful career and create a family in Russia than in other countries”, said Maria Mordvinova.

After that PhD Maria-Therese Claes, leader of EWMD, held a great workshop on detection of opportunities for women in the modern world. First of all the workshop participants researched modern trends in the society that affect women and compared them with the actual Russian and European trends. Then PhD Claes suggested identifying new opportunities women may enjoy in the light of the described trends.

Maria Claes has managed to unite absolutely different women with different mentality and of different age around current challenges, hence giving them a chance for networking.

Our guests have been satisfied with the meeting and impression of the SKOLKOVO Campus, having promised to follow up the business-school and the SKOLKOVO Women Association development!

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