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SKOLKOVO graduates: Stanislav Bessmertny, SKOLKOVO MBA

Our piggy bank of success stories has enlarged! Meet Stanislav Bessmertny, SKOLKOVO MBA-2 graduate, and his project!

Where does the project idea come from?

Our team has two visions of our project. The first, or the long-term one, is transformation of the real estate market in a user-friendly and fair one. And the second which is more applied is the creation of such a product that would suit any real estate owner who views it as a benefit source.
I, personally, have lots of times dealt with the real estate market issues. The last time it was when I had an idea to rent out my own flat. I had to apply great efforts in order to fulfill it. Back then I would be really glad, if someone offered me to use such a service as we provide.
Perhaps that negative personal experience has become the driver for our project idea.

Was it a childhood dream, or has the idea come at SKOLKOVO?

I had a childhood dream, but it was not connected with work. And already at the conscious age I gave had huge desire to work with IT-projects. However the desire itself is often not enough. And at the SKOLKOVO business-school I have acquired the knowledge and experience that have enabled to implement my wish. 
What makes it differ from the analogues existing on the market?

Several aspects are worth mentioning:

1. Our company is not connected with any real estate agencies or other kinds of organizations on that market. Our key goal is to create a service that would bring practical benefit and solve existing problems.

2. “Showmanship”
Comprehensive and attractive description of your flat or other real estate property will enhance the offer popularity and eliminate clients that do not suit you.

3. Maximum public coverage via 1 click
  •  Placement of your offer at advertising platforms that control 95% of the real estate advertising market via 1 click.
  •  4 advertising “packages” will help you easily and quickly choose what suits you most
4. Security
  •  Innovative scoring (banking) instruments of your potential clients’ and agents’ reliability
  •  The opportunity to form opinion on your potential clients or agents on the base of social network profiles and to find common acquaintances
5. Freedom of choice
  • On any stage of purchasing or renting out you can use services of a real estate agent having chosen a consultant from the provided agent exchange. It is essential that the service cost will be determined by the market and you personally, not a real estate agency secretary
  • Control and work efficiency assessment system
6. Control till the end
Close your offer at all advertising platforms via 1 click as soon as a deal was successfully signed.

7. “Private” service
A new kind of interaction with clients

And there are lots of other interesting and at the same time understandable and simple functions.

What are the difficulties of its implementation?
The real estate market numbness. Large agencies do not want and are not ready to change. They are monopolists with huge advertising budgets and an interested party. Actually they are a kind of an unnecessary player on the filed. And future lies in small real estate agencies and private agencies with polishes reputation, positive feedback and history. And it may be brought to life. In case there is an interested party that does not have any preferences for this or that specialist or agency and that can create a comfortable and understandable system. So owners can evaluate the work of real estate market professionals and form ratings, there will be no fixed prices on agent services but dynamic pricing. It will be the first step on the way to the fair and friendly real estate market.

How has the SKOLKOVO business-school helped to implement the project?

We are only in the beginning of our way and have not managed to take advantages provided by the SKOLKOVO business-school yet. A month ago our project landed in the business incubator. And out team found itself at the open space among other start-uppers. There we have started to work actively on the programme and interface parts. And already in the beginning of May we plan to upload the pilot version on our site where everybody interested could try the service.
Our team sincerely hopes that the project we make will be able to help you in implementation of your wishes, at least of those connected with the real estate market! :)

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