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Round table with Ruben Vardanian: leadership of the future

Recently a round table with Ruben Vardanian and SKOLKOVO students and graduates has taken place on Campus. Various entrepreneurship issues have become the core topic of discussion. As we had promised Ruben Vardanian has answered some questions from our Twitter readers.

"Have the requirements for a leader undergone any changes since 10-15 years?” - Denis Vasiljev (@denis_vatis)

R.V. - Everything changes, and the key change that has occurred within several last years is the speed of changes. The world has become globally connected; the boarders between countries have vanished. That is why the fight for the best human resources is getting fiercer and fiercer. At that a leader has to face new challenges; nowadays and in future one should be mobile, know how to keep creative specialists in their team and feel the technological world.

"What management style is the most efficient?"- Aziz Saatov (@a_saatchi)

R.V. - There is no a single style that is the most efficient one. There are: the military system, Greenberg’s system, Catholic Church… On each project stage a definite management model is needed.

Unfortunately, we haven’t had a chance to ask all the questioned that we received in Twitter. However we are going to go on with that tradition and will ask speakers our readers’ questions. And for now here are the brightest quotations from the round table:

"Business-education has nothing to do with the classical education; it is a process to understand yourself, to understand what you want to reach and where to come", - Ruben Vardanian.

"The core leadership characteristic is the skill to gain trust and to take responsibility", - Ruben Vardanian.

"Until the XIX century all the wars had been for territories, in the XX century – for resources, and in the end of the XXI century people will be new assets that will be fought for", - Ruben Vardanian.

"To be an entrepreneur means to have definite spirit, to be ready to risk, to be a driver of changes", - Ruben Vardanian.

"The world’s ease of manufacture, the skill to have creative specialists at your side, mobility – all these is a great challenge of the modern world", - Ruben Vardanian.

"A leader that can’t work with people, who can’t inspire the team, is condemned to a failure" - Ruben Vardanian.

"Studying at SKOLKOVO is an opportunity to live 4-5 lives at the same time"- Anna Puzey, SKOLKOVO MBA student.

"In Russian many know how to earn money, but few know how to build a business", - Ruben Vardanian.

"Acknowledgement (vanity, reputation), power, money, satisfaction. Just answer yourself: what is the most powerful driver for you?" - Ruben Vardanian.

"Business is a constant method of trial and error", - Ruben Vardanian.

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