вторник, 10 апреля 2012 г.

Interview with Evgeny Raguzin: the Indian module

In March the MBA-3 students have finished their module in India and returned to Moscow. Evegeny Raguzin, one of the students, has told us, what results of the project work in Delhi and Mumbai are.
- Evgeny, what sphere was your project dedicated to?

- I have been working in one of the leading commercial banks. Our task was to elaborate a service improvement strategy.
- Have you gained some useful experience?

- Sure. I intentionally chose that direction as my knowledge of the banking sphere had been quite limited; and it has appeared that India is an excellent market for banks. The banking system is much better developed that in Russia. Lots of things that are applied there are often the best known in the world practice.

- Did you like to work with your team?

- Yes, we have feathered in.

- Are you going to continue working with those guys?
- No, our course task is to learn how to work in a team that is why each time we are going to mix. We draw knowledge not only from professors, but from our course mates as well. Such kind of networking!

- What are three new things you have found out during the module?

- How to work in a team, how to work with a client and engage him/her in the process so that he/she would be interested, and how to arrange your resources in order not to drown in your duties.

- What feedback has your team received?

- The most important thing is that the client has found our recommendations useful and smart and is going to introduce them; and it is the core criteria of our work quality.

So, the first experience of team work has run smoothly for our students. All the teams have received positive feedback and their recommendations will be applied in various spheres: medicine, engineering, banking, etc. At the moment the MBA-3 students are having their Russian corporate module, and they are engaged into work on private-state partnership projects. Let’s wish them good luck and further success!

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