четверг, 29 марта 2012 г.

Firing line news: EMBA-5 studying process

On Saturday evening on Campus of the SKOLKOVO business-school we met Elena Tretyakova, EMBA-5 Programme manager, and managed to ask her a couple of questions while students were having their classes. Elena told us how the Executive MBA studying process was going on.

- Elena, what is the current EMBA 5 module about?

- These days the students are studying organizational behavior & human resources management , and in April we’ll have financial accounting and analysis module.

- Do students work in teams or individually?

- They are engaged in everything: group work, games and, surely, case studies. Due to such a format the students learn a lot of useful and interesting tools, ideas and approaches. This time the assignment will be to analyze a real case (problem to solve) from their company. Five students have pitched their cases, so, teams have started to form around those students. Problems that should be solved by the teams are really challenging, and what is crucial for the students themselves, the result is significant for the company and, hopefully, they’ll take those recommendations into action, I mean this is not kind of work that will result in a pile of unneeded documents.

- What has already occurred that can be described as the most exciting thing?

- Lots of interesting things have already happened, and there are even more to come. I don’t know whether this can be considered ‘exciting’ but definitely memorable - recently a professor has run a business-game and suggested the students to put the money to make the game more exciting as a result he lost 2 000 rubles; and the winning team of two people has broken the bank of 23 000 rubles.

It looks like the Executive MBA life is in full swing, and we won’t disturb them anymore. In case you have any questions, you can ask students or Programme managers personally during the upcoming infosession. And if you have already decided it is time to change your life, then hurry up as there are only 10 days and 5 places left to apply for the EMBA “Start in Russian” class!

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