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SKOLKOVO MBA students in the country of contrasts

Our FT MBA students of 3rd intake are in India now where they study corporate projects. They were divided into 5 groups to carry on differents projects (healthcare industry, motorbike producer, retail bank etc.) in Mumbai and Delhi.
Alisa Kholmovskaya, project office coordinator, talks about how students' adapt to Indian culture and gain experience in the country of contrasts.

The past week has been difficult period. Seven days of intense training programme specially designed for our MBA students in accordance with their interests and likes by a well-respected coach in the field Dr. Pierre K. Yogeshwar. No weekends, no free time, working hours 9am to 7pm. Welcome back to school.

I was there during the first day when Pierre gave everyone another chance to get to know each other. One of the exercises was fairly simply: to come up with an anonymous advert for yourself and others would have to guess which one belongs to who. Interestingly enough, only 4 ads found their true owners, which made the guys think – do they Really know each other that well?

The training continued the next day, with lectures and exercises on Team Management, Team Contract and Leadership.  The theoretical part covered a wide variety of topics, ranging from Self Organization and Basic Communication to Leadership and Change. The highlight of the third day was the Rope exercise, where the group was split into two teams and each team had to come up with a strategy and then implement this strategy of laying out a 30-meter rope in the form of two concentric squares while minimizing the lay out time and maximizing the quality of the shape. The last few days of the training week consisted mostly of pitching by teams and interviewing, followed by debriefing. We then took off to Mumbai.

There were a few very interesting guest-lectures during the training week which gave some insight into Indian economics and labour market. Dr. Soumya Ghosh, the Head of Research and Economics Department at the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), spoke about the Economic specifics and the changes India has undergone in the last decade. Ms. Joyeeta Chatterjee, Vice President of Organization Development at Jubilant Life Sciences, has addressed the students on the topic of Employee Engagement covering two models in particular: Gallup and Hewitt.

In Mumbai we had an opportunity to listen to Nilesh Chaterjee, the Head of Research and Evaluation at John Hopkins University Centre for Communication Programs in India, speak about Doing Business in India; he showed us how wrong perception may often lead to erroneous actions. Dr. Nandu Rajadhax, Head of Corporate Marketing at Eureka Forbes Limited, spoke about India’s history and national peculiarities.


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