вторник, 31 января 2012 г.

Review of Pierre Casse’s open lecture

On 28 January our Campus organized Pierre Casse’s open lecture entitled “Leadership in Prospect – Facts and Trends”. Pierre Casse is not only one of the best leadership professors, but also an outstanding person who has something to say and is a “must” to listen to. No wonder our hall hardly seated received all comers – there was no room to move! Specially for those who was unable to attend the lecture here’s a list of Pierre Casse’s best quotations from our broadcast in Twitter:

«I can teach the business, but I can not teach the passion»
«Are you living your live? Or are you living somebody’s else life?»
«The quality of communication is pitful low, so we have to inject it»
«Communication is the process by which we impact, invent and create each other»
«If you want to be successful today you should keep imagination and exectuion»
«You should be sure that right people know right things at the right time – this is power game»
«When you have too many lies and lack of courage it’s a sick organization»
«Use metaphors when you talk. 1st main issue leaders face within a company is «eye fever». It means not facing reality»
«People want to work with you, not for you»
«Never conclude staff meeting until you discuss 10-15 min something exciting»
«Leadership is taking advantage of ambiguity. We make mistakes and we learn them when we turn them into opportunities»
«If you really want to be successful it’s not enough to move between different boxes. You have to create new boxes» -
«Leadership is about impacting a situation and inventing tomorrow today»
«Leader of today and tomorrow is a fighter»
«If you don’t fight for your dreams nothing is going to happen»
«What is leadership today? – Seeing what other people do not see»

Which of Pierre Casse's words have stuck to your memory? Add citation to comments!

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