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SKOLKOVO Entrepreneurs’ Club meeting: “A good entrepreneur with a bad idea is more likely to succeed than a bad entrepreneur with a good idea”

On October, 26, another meeting of SKOLKOVO Entrepreneurs’ Club took place (read here about the September meeting). The number of our guests rises, and this time we were happy to welcome more than 100 people united by the idea of enterprise! We would like to thank all our guests and speakers for a wonderful evening, especially Lawrence Wright, founder and moderator of the Club who every time finds and invites interesting people ready to share their experience.

For the first time the meeting started with a first film performance, namely, a documentary about history of Alaska, various cultures mixed there and Russian culture in particular. The film is made in a modern way with a good spirit; it inspires and leaves a lot to think about. After the show Elena Golubeva, director of the film, told everybody how the film had been created and how that work had pulled together her team. She also mentioned that she had plans to launch the film on TV.

After that, traditionally, performances of the speakers started.

Kendrick White, Executive director of Marchmont Capital Partners in Nijniy Novgorod, shared his experience in management of Russian companies and venture investment. . Kendrick supposes that there are lots of ideas in Russia that cost more than gas and oil, but if no venture specialists to cooperate with scientists are found, these ideas will be left dying in laboratories. At the end of the day scientists can’t work alone – they should interact with the outer world.

“There are lots of talented, genius people in Russia. However the science is totally separated from business-processes nowadays. This is the core problem”.

In order to solve this problem Kendrick proposes to organize a group of specialists in each Russian city which will help scientists to promote their ideas. However the issue of trust and communication is still left as people, incubators and companies almost don’t communicate with each other.

After all Mr White recommended several books, the whole list may be found on the SKOLKOVO Library page.

One of the brightest quotation by Mr Kendrick White:
“Driving force of progress, economy, innovations, everything is individual motivation”.

After that Pavel Cherkashin, one of the leading business-angels and private investors in Russia (Actis Systems, AdWatch, Sputnik Labs, etc.), appeared with the presentation "Notes of a practicing business-angel II".

“A good entrepreneur with a bad idea is more likely to succeed than a bad entrepreneur with a good idea”.

Pavel Cherkashin spoke in his presentation about why projects fail and described major mistakes of start-ups. And what is more important, he advised how they can be avoided.

So, here is Pavel's speech in short:

Why do projects fail? Firstly, because of weakness of the entrepreneur himself, secondly, because of absence of product itself (keep in mind that a technology is not a product yet), fourthly, because of lack of attention to details (and have you noticed that we have skipped "thirdly"? :) And finally, because of poor focusing; it is impossible to be engaged in everything at the same time; one should choose a single subject, occupy a niche and strive to become the leader in this sphere.

And how can one avoid mistakes?

1) Try, make mistakes, hide skeletons in the cupboard and make mistakes again and again (only corporations are fond of losers. Free enterprise likes the like ones – be one of them!)
2) Attract investors
(an external investor will give an objective assessment of your activity)
3) Ask for advice, learn on mistakes of others

Pavel concluded his performance with the following words: "My core advice is: try to find those who thinks as you do. Observe others; learn from them. You may always ask for advice".
The Club's meeting finished with friendly communication and discussion of ideas.
We'd like to thank one more time all our guests and invite them to attend the next meeting on November, 30. Follow up the Club's news on Facebook and Twitter!

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