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SKOLKOVO Entrepreneurs’ Club Meeting: «Ideas are worth nothing. Implementation is everything».

This Wednesday we held the new meeting of SKOLKOVO Entrepreneurs' Club. More than 100 participants gathered at our Campus. We thank you all for coming and hope to see you again!
E-club meetings are open, and we invite everyone who is interested in entrepreneurship and would like to listen to unique speakers, network with colleagues, and discuss important issues.
 For the Wednesday meeting we have invited three special experts: David Yang, Fadi Bishara, and Dr.Martyn Nunuparov.
David Yang – one of Russia's most well known IT entrepreneurs, – has shared the ABBY success story. It was especially interesting to learn about the first years of the company’s history, which were the hardest, as for any start-up. According to David Yang, their success factor is their team. He also told us about the company’s philosophy, and stressed how hard it is to be consistent with the one – from the very beginning to prosperity, and not to fall for volatile trends: “People do not need product, they need result”, which may be interpreted into the ABBY language as the following: people don’t need vocabularies –  they need translation, and you should always remember the clients’ interests when creating new product.
Bottle neck in business is not in product, or not even in technology, but in sales - channels, customers etc” – David Yang.
Fadi Bishara, the founder of Blackbox, and the creator of Startup Genome Compass, has shared his sound experience of working with the Silicon Valley start-ups. One of the most vivid words from his speech are the following: “Ideas are worth nothing. Execution is everything!”
We have discussed not only the success stories, but also some failures. Fadi Bishara said that failures are very important for entrepreneurs, as they can teach you a lot.
«There is only one key secret to Silicon Valley success. We start working with entrepreneurs by giving them permissoin to fail. Failure is OK in Silicon Valley».
Following David, Fadi also told that one of the key factors for the company’s success are people, and to be more specific, the founders, or the core team. They represent the company’s heart, they are inspired, they are not like paid workers, they think not about money, but about impact.
Fadi Bishara’s speech has really impressed and inspired everybody. We thank Fadi for his participantion and hope to see him at some of our next meetings!
Dr.Martyn Nunuparov is not only an entrepreneur, but also an inventor who is very successful at commoditizing his inventions. He told us about his company, Qmodule, and their unique licensed products, and invited everybody to cooperate.
Dmitry Kazachkov, SKOLKOVO EMBA student and CEO/Co-founder 1C RARUS, gave the final speech for the meeting. He presented his new project, a ready-to-go system for restaurant food delivery/reservation that unites the supplies of various restaurants at a single web-page.
Afterwards we had a great time communicating and networking.
We are looking forward to see you at our next meeting of the Club, which will be held during this month. Follow our updates!
SKOLKOVO E-club’s moderator and inspirer is Lawrence Wright, SKOLKOVO start-up projects director.

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