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An interview with Alexander Osterwalder: "Recession is the best time to try out new stuff"

In October Alexander Osterwalder, the author of bestseller Business Model Generation, held a workshop for SKOLKOVO students. Alex has given a short interview to us. You can read the text or view a video version (below).

If you are interested in this topic, you can also read his last year's interview, where Alex Osterwalder told about his approach to teaching business models.

- Your book has come out in Russian. What would you like to say to your Russian readers before they open your book?

- Enjoy it! Play around with business models, try out things and particularly try to do things differently. Go beyond what already exists, don’t just copy. I think great businesses are those that go beyond copying, they try out new stuff.

- What do you think of the SKOLKOVO students? Have you noticed anything interesting?

- What I like in the MBA students, for example, is that they like to push back. They don’t just take things, they are critical and I think it’s very good to ask questions. And when it comes to the EMBA, it’s very interesting how curious they are learning new things and trying new things. And the projects I was able to work on, they were putting a lot of energy into them.

- In the current situation (imminent recession in Europe and the USA) what could you advise entrepreneurs? Will your business canvas principle remain relevant?

- We are talking about recession; it’s the best time to try out new stuff. Because when you build up new things in the recession, you’re gonna be ready when your economy’s booming. The worst thing you can actually do is to invest when it’s booming and you’re gonna be ready, when economy’s going down. So it’s a really good thing to try new stuff and invest when you’re in the recession. I know good historical cases about that. Now, as to the Business model canvas – it’s just a tool to help businesses to figure out new ideas, better discuss existing ideas, come up with better concerns for new ideas– that applies to recession or booming economy. It just helps people and businesses have better conversation about their business model. That’s what this tool is about. But once you come up with an idea, when you sketch out your business model you still need to test them. And what I learned from Steve Blank in Silicon Valley is that it is one thing designing your business model in the building, and it’s another thing testing your business model outside the building. And the more disruptive you are, the more you want to test to make sure it could actually work.

- How is your work going on? Are there any new researches or something like that?

- I’m not a traditional academic. I’m an entrepreneur, I like creating new stuff. The one thing that we’re working on with our startup is building software that helps companies and entrepreneurs build new business models. I think there’s a lot of space for that. Because there are some things you can do on posters with canvas, but there are certain things you really need a software support when it comes to calculating numbers, distributive work, coordinating teams from Asia to Europe and the USA. And that’s what we focus on.

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