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A review of SKOLKOVO students' project work in Volgograd

We are starting to inform you on the progress within the FT MBA Public projects (an interview with Alexey Germanovich, Public Projects Director, you can read here). Today we would like to tell about a project in Volgograd - a creation of Thematic park in the city.

A city of Volgograd (former Stalingrad) has a population of over a million people, beautiful architecture and a long history. Memorial complexes situated in Volgograd are of great value, but not so popular with the Volgograd young people or people from other regions.

The problem is that there are few tourist sites. The key ones, famous throughout the former USSR, are the Mamayev Kurgan and the Panorama Museum, which can be seen in one day. It is necessary to create some other points of attraction, highlight a unique cultural and historical heritage of the city and make it a basis to form a bright brand of the Volgograd Region at the federal and international level.

Last year the Volgograd Region approved a concept of building the National Center “Victory” with the purposes of organizing a federal centre of patriotic upbringing in Volgograd and increasing an attraction of the Volgograd Region to tourists. About 40 objects are planned to be built or restored as a part of the National Center.

A team of SKOLKOVO students was commissioned to develop one of such objects – a Thematic Park, which is of priority for the Governor of the Region and the Administration in general to attract a flow of tourists to the city of Volgograd (land plot area is 30-60 hectare). Their task is to prepare a concept of the Thematic Park and make all financial estimates. That will be the first theme park in Russia so far, which is based on private and state partnership. The project team - Rakhat Karatayeva, Marina Zazharskaya, Christian Graggaber, Vyacheslav Khrapov and Dmitry Yusov (a team leader) – all SKOLKOVO FT MBA students.

The concept of the project should correlate with patriotism, but in rather a broad sense, in other words, it is not a war that is emphasized, but just Russia as our homeland. Of all our ideas so far students have selected two: first - “From the Past to the Future” where areas of the past, the present and the future of Russia and the Region will be demonstrated; second - Russia with all its achievements and diversity. SKOLKOVO team try to take a broad view of the project, attract specialists and look for the best examples from all over the world. On February, 8 they had joint brain storm at “Strelka” institute concerning the concept and zonning of the plot together with Strelka students, design school students from London and IRP Group representatives.

"During our stay in Volgograd we had a lot of meetings with representatives of the Administration of the Volgograd Region, including Governor A.G. Brovko, public organizations, gave a number of interviews and, of course, saw the city", - Dmitry Yusov says, - "So we can say with confidence that this is a unique region with its peculiarities and advantages which we will try to develop".

Stay tuned to find out more about the development of the project in Volgograd!

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