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Finding business information: management consultants reports

Today we present a new column led by Helen Edwards, SKOLKOVO Library project manager, where she plans to share with the readers useful business information. The topic of today’s section - Management consultants reports

The big management consultancies have multimedia websites and e-newsletters with articles on current business topics, surveys, rankings and predicitions. Sign up for free to receive e-newsletters and access to articles or search the sites for reports to download or videos to watch. Note that this research often does not show up on Google so it is always worth checking out the key sites.

1. Booz and company: strategy+business
The latest article "Strategic bets" by Ram Charan and Michael Sisk describes the circumstances in which companies put their entire enterprise at risk. Key drivers include the desire to gain a controlling interest in critical resources or competencies, to escape a declining industry or to practice large scale entrepreneurship in an emerging form of enterprise. Other recent articles include "Stop blaming your culture" and "Hotbeds of innovation". There is a business literature topic which reviews new books and has rankings of the best books on leadership, innovation and China amongst other subjects.
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2. McKinsey: MacKinsey Quarterly
This month's edition leads with "Three steps to building a better top team", tips for the CEO. There is also the results of the global survey "Creating more value with corporate strategy" which identifies those few companies and few circumstances in which the corporate strategy adds up to more than the sum of its parts. There are sections on the site for key business functions, industries and regions including dedicated topics for India and China.
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3. Deloitte Research
Deloitte's analysts discuss major issues facing business today. Just published the Global Economic Outlook Q1 2011 looks at the "new realities", how the emerging markets are catching up and with an in depth look at the economies of USA, the Eurozone, Japan, Brazil, Russia, India, China and Sub-Saharan Africa. Also available a new edition of "Manufacturing Competitiveness Index TMT Technology, Media and Telecomms", predictions for the ICT sector and "Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index 2010", the results of a survey of 400 CEOs and manufacturing executives worldwide.
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4. Price Waterhouse Coopers
New on the site is the "14th Annual Global CEO survey" revealing that the level of confidence in growth is up to nearly pre crisis levels. "The war for talent goes public" describes research conducted for the World Economic Forum that shows that many if not most of these talented individuals would like to work in public service if career paths in government were better aligned with today's fast-changing knowledge economies. Also available for download are a number of articles on India's financial system.
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Other large consultants such as Boston Consulting Group and Bain and Company also publish their research findings. Both databases can be searched by industry and capability.

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