понедельник, 8 апреля 2013 г.

SKOLKOVO MBA Bollywood video competition

On April 8 the SKOLKOVO MBA-4 students have started their Indian module! They have 8 weeks ahead to dive into the colourful Indian culture and develop projects from Indian clients! We have decided to give our students an extra challenge – the video competition SKOLKOVO MBA Bollywood. 5 teams have to shoot short movies in different genres in the Bollywood style!

According to the draw we are expecting to have 5 following films:
1. Melodrama “Indian spirit”
2. Soap opera “Indian insights”
3. Comedy “Indian way of doing business”
4. Fantasy “Indian women and men”
5. Documentary “Indian cuisine and peculiarities”

The winner will be determined via an online vote! Follow our news and don't miss the teasers!

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