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SKOLKOVO Entrepreneurs’ Club meeting: Igor Agamirzyan’s 6 thuths

On March 14 a SKOLKOVO Entreprneurs’ Club meeting took place on the SKOLKOVO business school Campus! No wonder the Lounge Bar was packed with people - we had striking speakers:
  • Igor Agamirzyan, CEO and Chairman, RVC;
  • Esther Dyson, Chairman of Board, EDventure Holdings, Board member, Yandex;
  • Misha Lyalin, CEO, ZeptoLab, Founder of Cut The Rope.

That time we have tried a mixed format of the meeting – a Skype conversation with Esther Dyson and live performances. We have recorded the Skype discussion and are going to decode it next week, for now here are Igor Agamirzyan’s points:

Truth#1 “All new technological industries have been created in a similar manner!”
Truth#2 “The higher a technological industry is, the fewer market leaders there are”
Truth#3 “A period of brands consolidation always ends with such industry’s state when it starts to stagnate technologically”
Truth#4 “What is the next big think? — physical & digital!”
Truth#5 “All income centres move from production facilities to soft and design”
Truth#6 “The generator of profit is engineering and design!”

By the way, the third SKOLKOVO Startup Academy’s class starts studying on April 11!

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