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Bas Godska: “20% of calls are sales”

On February 16th more than 60 entrepreneurs took part in a master class on e-commerce held by Bas Godska, international specialist with 13 years of working experience! That was one of the most informative and interactive master classes. Bas has eagerly given detailed answers to numerous participants’ questions as well as lots of practical recommendations.

Below you will find key points of Bas’s performance and slides from his presentation. Here are two formulae that determine success in e-commerce. Keep them in mind and thoroughly assess each feature regarding your business

And, surely, there you have a couple of practical recommendations from Bas Godska:

«Within the first year you must integrate a possibility to pay online»

«To be on the first position in context advertising is not beneficial»

«At the beginning a half of leads may come via context advertising»

«You can expect that 20% of calls are sales!»

« Interregional companies should use a federal telephone number for a call centre»

«The website’s design doesn’t play the key role in your startup’s success. Trust that takes a lot of time to gain is really important»

«A website is never completely done, there is always something that can be improved!»

«Use webseo.com to follow up your positions in the search results»

«Do not forget to take a fresh look at the process of registration and order on your website!»

« Where can you get leads for a startup? SEO, partners, retargeting, direct mails»

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