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Open lecture of Richard Reed “Building a Sustainable Business”

On October 27 an open lecture of Richard Reed, Co-founder of Innocent Drinks, “An Innocent Approach to Business.Building a Sustainable Business” took place on the SKOLKOVO business school Campus.

There were really many people interested in how three young 26 year old guys have managed to develop an enterprise on production and sale of smoothies (natural fruit cocktails without preservatives) starting from a homebrew business to the first position on the European market. Everybody would like to get to know the secret, how is it possible to become the niche leader with zero expense on advertising?!

First of all Ruchard has told about the corporate culture, internal communications and the company’s mission. The principles of Innocent Drinks are as follows: to hire A class people who share the company’s values, appreciate and support employees. 
“95% of employees is proud to work at Innocent Drinks. It is not a that bad competitive advantage of the company!” 
 After that Richard has shared marketing tricks that have made up for the lack of advertising: an unusual way of the effective date naming “enjoy before…” instead of “use before…”; a funny list of ingredients “2 bananas, 6 strawberries, 2 fat nuns”; colorful mooing vans-cows that stagger while driving. 
“For 5 years those methods have made the brand by 65% more recognizable!” 
 Speaking about the mission Richard has underlined that Innocent Drinks use only renewable raw materials, care about ecological purity of the production and spends 10% of the income on charity.
 “We do not work with suppliers who do not correspond with our mission”. 
Perhaps, soon we will be able to enjoy the Innocent Drinks products in Russia as well. The most important condition is,
 “The transportation must not take longer than 36 hours otherwise too much CO2 is being emitted ”. 
Find even more Richard Reed’s quotes and photos in our Twitter.

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