четверг, 4 октября 2012 г.

SKOLKOKO Inspiration Day

On September 15 the SKOLKOVO business school celebrated its sixth anniversary. In honour of the event lots of activities, both formal and informal, were organized on the Campus. The day began with the presentation of student ID cards to the fourth MBA class. After that, guests took part in the open discussion “Creative Economy: Inspiring Entrepreneurship”. More detailed information about the official part of the day you can find on our website, and here we’d like to share with you the brightest impressions. So, let’s start with master classes!

We’ve already told our readers about the “Dialogues in the dark” project. And today we’d like to speak about the “Touching the Darkness” workshop. At the entrance participants had to hand in all the things that may glare or be a source of any light – mobile phones, watches, etc. And then a group of six people had to make a column, put their left hand on the shoulder of the person staying in front and to hold on the wall with their right hand, walking behind the curtain where they were awaited by total darkness and a blind guide – Evgeny. The pitch darkness weirdly has not dispersed neither in ten minutes, nor in half an hour. The ultimate aim was a round table where the participants had to sit next to each other in the alphabetic order in accordance with their names. Actually it was the first task of the training. As a result everybody got to know each other really quickly.

An interesting fact: communicate with each without actually seeing your opponent is much easier than under usual circumstances. At the table an easy and free atmosphere set in, and all the following tasks were implemented with laugh and jokes. Besides, the tasks were captivating and had something in common with the “Do you know what I mean” game. We had to divide into groups vegetables by their kind or find a match for the socks we got without touching your partner’s socks, just describing their “appearance”, which was possible only by touch.
Possibly, the core goal of that task was to attract our attention to other abilities that we have and clearly demonstrate the usefulness of conventionality.

Another colourful, in the literal sense of the word, master class was called, “I see it like that!” Participants were provided with paints, brushes, solvents, rags, palettes, aprons and shoe covers, and put them in front of easels to draw still lives! At first everybody were taken aback, but then quickly began to enjoy the process and in 2 hours presented their vivid canvases to the audience. Lots of thanks for inspiration to Ruben Monkhov, moderator of the master class, and the creative studio “Vivid Workshop” (Zhivopisny Tsekh)!

BRAIN LAB organized a wonderful show! At the BRAIN LAB stand our guests got acquainted with equipment for neuroreasearch, took part in a group master class where they learnt everything about thermal cards and practical usage of Eyetracker and found out how the equipment works and about the latest research methods.

None of our guests could pass by the exhibition of the Museum of captivating sciences “Experimentarium”. Unfortunately, we can’t describe all mysterious and wonderful stands, but to make up for that we suggest that our curious readers solve such a challenge: could you make a square out of these details?

The answer is here, but don’t be in a hurry to look at it.

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