вторник, 18 сентября 2012 г.


Last week a really creative and bright event took place on our Campus – the SKOLKOVO Movie Awards where the MBA-4 students displayed their short films about the upcoming studying. For you to know the Movie Awards is a part of the students’ joint work within a team-building course. And it seems that they have coped with that task excellently!

The students split into three groups, and each of them presented to the jury its video. The first team, Mandarin production, shot a story in the style of classical silent movies. The main character of the film, the charismatic artist named Guran, is experiencing all the delights of living in Russia, gets arrested by the police and falls in love with a charming SKOLKOVO employee.

The second team presented the film called “One upon a time” that tells a story of a young Indian girl who has dreamt of becoming a Russian entrepreneur. Despite all the resistance and discontent of her brothers, the courageous girl set off for the far Russia in order to study at the SKOLKOVO business school, graduate and save her ill grandmother by means of her own startup project. In the end, obviously, everybody was dancing and smiling.

The third film by the REDD team was full of pursuits and adventures. Guys decided to shoot the next chapter of the famous American film “Man in Black” and presented to the audience their “MIB IV”. The idea is that some bad guys have kidnapped the SKOLKOVO President, and brave agents, man in black, are to save him. In the end, after pursuits and exiting fights the evil portrayed by a beautiful stranger with a band on her eye is defeated. However the team makes a slight hint that the film is going to be continued. To cut a long story short, the film is an excellent example of American action thrillers!

Right after the video presentations and the jury’s short discussion seven winners in seven nominations were announced.

The Indian story “Once upon a time” was named the best film.

The best scenario got the Mandarin production team.

Julia who has played the insidious kidnapper in the MIB IV film was named the best director.

The charismatic and funny Guran starring in «I love you, SKOLKOVa» by Mandarin production was granted the best actor award.

The best actress went to the girl who had decided to make her dream true and had not been stopped by her brothers’ discontent in “Once upon a time”.

The best supporting role received the mentioned above brothers who were knitting their brows so threatening that have occupied the audience’s love.

The REDD team got the award for the best camera work.

Finally, Mandarin production got the best poster award.

The golden statuettes found their owners that delivered enthusiastic speeches to the enthusiastic applause, thanked their team, parents and everybody for a great opportunity to show their creative potential. It seems that our students have worked well together with their classmates, and the team-building course may be considered finished!

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