четверг, 8 сентября 2011 г.

SKOLKOVO prize contest

SKOLKOVO 5th Anniversary is coming; on September 17th we are opening our Campus doors for everyone to join the celebration. During upcoming week we will have an online contest devoted to the event. Anyone can take part in the contest and win the prize – regardless of your region.

If you follow our blog and other web platforms’ updates, you probably know well that we have many prominent experts and guests from all over the world speaking at our programmes. Well, if you are attentive enough, you may remember some of the speakers’ quotes that we publish for you. Do you remember who talked about business modeling; negotiations; team work? This is what our contest questions will be about.

During the week we are going to give you the quotes of the speakers, experts and professors who visited SKOLKOVO business school this year, and you will have to guess who the author is. By the way, all these quotes can be found at our web platforms – as parts of interviews or videos or as separate citations.

The contest will be held independently on all our web platforms: Facebook, Twitter, our main blog - blog.skolkovo.ru, VKontakte, and on the page of our library. Subscribe to them in order to see the questions first.

We’ll define the winners by the speed of their right answers. Also, we will definitely reward those who are the most active participants.

SKOLKOVO prizes – our limited edition souvenirs and books – will be held out at our Campus on September 17th. If the winner can’t come to receive he prize, we will send it by mail.

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