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Practical leadership course

Pierre Casse is one of the most outstanding lecturers at SKOLKOVO. We have written about him a lot in our blog, but he became even more popular, after his lecture read on the Open Day was published. Many people regretted missing his workshops. But now everyone has an opportunity to communicate with this outstanding man personally. Pierre Casse will hold a “People Leadership” programme.

This is one the most popular SKOLKOVO programme. It allows participants to take a look at sources and principles of leadership, to diagnose key aims of a leader, to improve leadership competences and find a personal way of a leader who will inspire other people.

Programme objectives:
  • Define characteristic features of a leader in a turbulent environment
  • Understand individual motivation under uncertainty
  • Promote creativity and innovation in people and teams
  • Acquire a selection of leadership skills to mobilize individuals, teams and organizations
The programme will be held on December 1-2 on the Campus of the School. You can find more details at our site

Pierre Casse will be accompanied by Professor Paul Claudel from Aix-en-Provence University Business School (France) who is also an independent consultant and holds corporate workshops all over the world. Key subjects of his courses are HR management, leadership and business philosophy.

Paul Claudel is an author of several books on leadership and philosophy. His recent book “Philosophy for Creative Leadership” was written together with SKOLKOVO Professor Pierre Casse.

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