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SKOLKOVO Entrepreneurial Club meeting. September 2012.

Last week a long-awaited SKOLKOVO Entrepreneurial Club meeting took place for the first time after the summer holidays. Lots of thanks to all of our guests and experts for an intensive and fruitful evening! Special thanks to the SKOLKOVO Startup Academy graduates who “were sold like hot cakes” and eagerly shared their impressions from the Silicon Valley trip and their success stories.

That time we had Taso Du Val, founder of TopTal, as a foreign speaker. Taso talked about difficulties of a startup launch in the Silicon Valley and about advantages of the Russian market. At the moment Taso is starting his business in Russia, and at that he mentioned that he had managed to cope with the local shortcomings using his Valley connections, so, chalk up!

You have to understand why you’re launching this particular product in the USA and in Russia. Without understanding the market no success will be gained.
Aynur Abdulnasyrov, founder of LinguaLeo, was the star of the evening. Having successfully launched a startup, Aynur raise the issue of management in companies. Let us remind you that there are 5 core forms of management: simple form, process bureaucracy, professional bureaucracy, divisional form, adhocracy. So Aynur believes that adhocracy – “creative chaos” - is an optimal form of work organization in a startup project.

In the end Anton Lebedev shared his working experience as the CEO of Wizee Shopping. Anton talked about promotion of a mobile application. Although Anton told the audience only about his own application, to be fair, it should be mentioned that he has promoted it.

As usual the evening finished with communication in the informal atmosphere and active networking! It was especially exciting because of the newcomers who visited our meeting for the first time. Lots of thanks again to all of you, we are looking forward to seeing you in October!

And for dessert here are some wonderful panoramas from the Media Sfera!

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